Kilimanjaro Packing List


Fleece jacket
Waterproof, breathable jacket
Waterproof, breathable pants
Shorts (for first and last day only)
T-shirts (for first and last day only)
Down jacket
Thermal underwear (recommend expedition weight, especially for summit)
Balaclava (to cover face at night & on summit attempt)
Gloves / Mittens
Sunglasses (Alpine glasses will be needed for summit)
Wool socks
Socks (liners or for sleeping)
Hiking boots (waterproof, ankle height)
Light shoes or sandals for camp
Cap/hat for sun protection and warmth
Towel / wash cloth


Sleeping bag (rated 15 degree or warmer)
Backpack or duffel bag (Ideally waterproof. Bags okay as many porters carry them on their heads anyway)
Daypack (large enough to hold shells, lunch, water and snacks)
Water bottles (insulated so it won't freeze on summit and enough to carry 3 liters)
Trekking poles (especially for going downhill)
Headlamp and batteries (2 new sets of batteries. They die fast in the cold)

Camera film
Digital camera
Video Camera
Camera chargers